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In 1992, the paranormal incident in the Forbidden City in Beijing!

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The Forbidden City in Beijing will always be the epicenter of paranormal events, but anyone interested in the Forbidden City must know the incident of the girl in white in 1992. Although scientists have given a plausible explanation for the incident, it is still full of doubts.

The incident happened in 1992, when the Forbidden City and other tourist attractions were reinforced and repaired, as was the Forbidden City. At that time, many tourists went to the Forbidden City to play, and the weather in Beijing was changeable. It suddenly became cloudy when I was playing, and it seemed like a thunderstorm was imminent. At this time, several customers hurried to find a place to shelter from the rain.

It happened in a supernatural event. As customers were looking for shelter from the rain, there was a sudden burst of lightning and thunder. Visitors are surprised to find that there are a group of walking maids in the red palace wall!

The maids walked by in cheongsam, and one of them even looked back. We don't know if it was looking at tourists or something else.

Although the tourists at the time were frightened, there were still a few sober-minded people who took their own equipment to take pictures of the scene. In 1992, equipment was not advanced, mobile phones were scarce, and there were no digital cameras. The film is still in use, and the pixels are poor. Coupled with the rainy days, these pictures and videos are not very clear.

When the incident first happened, the video and photos were all over the Internet, but they are no longer available. Supposedly they were removed for some reason.

At that time, there were many rumors about the Forbidden City being haunted. In the end, some experts came forward to explain. Scientists say that the walls of the Forbidden City are red, and there is a lot of iron tetroxide in the red dye that ancient people used to paint the walls. This component is mainly used for video tapes, and lightning is likely to conduct electricity down. If there are palace maids passing by at this time, their figures will be displayed on the wall like a video tape.

But there are too many holes in this statement:

1. If it is because of the pictures recorded on the wall, why is there a palace maid on this small wall and no other palace walls? We only notice how many eunuchs and maids in ancient palaces were guarded by concubines. People are everywhere. Why are they not recorded in the same environment?

2. According to scientists' explanations, these unexpectedly recorded palace maids should reappear whenever conditions such as thunderstorms are encountered. Why haven't they appeared since then?

3. After the Forbidden City has been repaired many times, some architects claimed that the palace walls have been painted many times, and even if there is iron oxide, they have already been covered. What was recorded back then is no longer valid, so where did these numbers come from?

Paranormal events like this happen all over the world, and China has a scare manger. The rocks on the mountain contain a large amount of iron tetroxide and have a strong magnetic field, which records the scene of the horse passing by. Every thunderstorm day, you can hear the sound of horses galloping by. Lingyi seems to be exactly the same as him, but the Forbidden City does not have a magnetic field that can record images, and the maids have never seen it even if it rains. At least video won't work.

In addition, folklorists say that folk ghosts are definitely not groundless, and many things are actually traceable. The Forbidden City is different from ordinary people, and many people die unjustly. You only need to watch Gong Du's opera to know that reality is definitely bloodier and crueler than TV dramas. In a place like this, a murder house within a murder house. Those who died here cannot get rid of their grievances and linger here all year round. Over time, the Forbidden City has become a high-incidence area for supernatural events. The ancients worshiped ancestors, respected the dead, and paid attention to burial, just for peace of mind.

However, those who have been to the palace cannot get out once they enter the palace gate, they cannot see their parents and relatives, and they work all their lives. They were pitiful, but they still died naturally and couldn't be buried well, so they turned into ghosts and stayed in the Forbidden City forever.