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The first anniversary of the release of "New Evangelion The Movie: The End" Hideaki Anno answers fan

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The first anniversary of the release of "New Evangelion The Movie: The End" Hideaki Anno answers fans' questions (Part 1)


Unknowingly, "Neo Evangelion the Movie: End" has been out for a year, and thanks to Amazon's purchase of the online rights, we will soon see the last work in this four-film series. To be honest, this ending is quite controversial. When it came to the first anniversary of the release before, Khara officials also held a commemorative event on the Internet for the first anniversary of the release. One of them was to ask the chief supervisor Anno Hideaki. After reading it, there were still a lot of questions, so I found someone to complete it. I have translated all the questions and Hideaki Anno's answers, and divided them into two parts for everyone to read, and please correct me. In order to accompany the article with pictures, I also had to read the final chapter again, more times than after the ruffian finished it.


Q: Mr. Anno, if you were really asked to fly your first plane, would you take a bus?

Answer: no


Q: How did you choose the song Mary hummed in the movie? (Always feel like a selection of Showa atmosphere)

A: I chose the music myself, basically based on the current atmosphere of the movie. 


Q: In the original PV, Ritsuko and the others seemed to have text on the feet of their driving suits linked by magnetism. Was it specially customized for the construction of the Sealing Pillar?

A: Yes, I wanted to express this meaning when I painted.


The feature film is gone


Q: I wonder why Tenryu Futamata Station is used as the source of the impression of the third village? Does anyone know the Tianlong Hamanako line?

A: That was recommended by Shishi Hiramatsu from the staff.


Even the local area has a limited time limit and changed the station name to the third village



The first anniversary of the release of "New Evangelion The Movie: The End" Hideaki Anno answers fans' questions (Part 1)


Q: In the container that Shinji saw, the red one refers to Ultraman, the green one refers to Kamen Rider, and the third one is white. Is this because the third true movie has not been decided yet?

A: Is there such a statement? I haven't indicated the color of the container. I don't know what it means, but it shouldn't have the meaning you said.

Q: Many characters in EVA have different meanings. How did the name of Suzuhara Touji's daughter, Suzuhara Yan, come from?

A: Tsubame from the Shinkansen.



Q: How was Yan's recording handled?

A: Wait patiently for the staff's daughter to record slowly.


Q: From the documentary "Goodbye to All EVAs", we know that the script of Part A has been rewritten once. What was the script before the rewrite?

A: Before the rewrite, the theme and characters were unsustainable, so after consulting with the staff, I made changes within the scope of the production schedule. This kind of big change can only be done because the CG was pre-rehearsed with low-precision material.


Q: What did you put the most effort into in the farming scene?

A: When describing, it should be expressed in abstract animation, so that the audience can feel the sense of farming.



Q: Are there any small stalks that have not been discovered?

A: No one seems to have discovered the origin of the name of the third village public bathhouse.



Q: The scene where Asuka feeds Shinji, I heard that Asuka was wearing a hoodie in that episode. Why was the official version changed to a driver's suit?

A: A hoodie is much more difficult to draw than a driving suit!


The first anniversary of the release of "New Evangelion The Movie: The End" Hideaki Anno answers fans' questions (Part 1)


Q: The game console that Asuka often plays in the film, why is it WS?

A: I heard that it was the obsession of Director Tsurumaki.

上映一周年提问_和邪社6 WonderSwan

WonderSwan, this handheld is a 16-bit handheld launched by Bandai, and even launched EVA games, but the handheld market only accounted for 8% at the highest, so it is relatively small.



Q: I heard that part A was made without a storyboard. After trying it, do you think the effect is good?

A: I think it's not bad. If this production process is not tried in part A, the final film will definitely be more boring than the current one.


Q: I heard that Mary is based on your wife Yuko Anno. is this real?

A: Mary is a little work and video I drew based on my wife. I've seen a lot, after all some people are just guessing. Whether it's Marie's creation or the creation of other characters, the main credit goes to the production supervisor Tsurumaki, and it's impossible for me to imitate my wife's paintings. The interpretation of characters and stories is the freedom of the audience. This work also leaves a lot of space for fans to think about the game, but it is too sad to slander the producer's family with their own opinions, so I have clearly denied this kind of game. game. view.


Q: Do you have any regrets after completing the work?

A: There is one thing that has always been haunting my heart. What constitutes the picture of this work are the necessary interesting elements of the work, the elements that the audience wants to see, the elements that the producers and voice actors focus on describing and the elements that they love. I focus on describing and favorite element.

Among the elements that I liked about myself, I used the work of my wife in the picture. I also quoted the works of Studio Ghibli as the information linking the work world and the real world. The original intention was to expand the world view, but later I found that this made some viewers feel wrong. I have to reflect on this.

The first anniversary of the release of "New Evangelion The Movie: The End" Hideaki Anno answers fans' questions (Part 1)


Q: What is the most persistent thing in production?

A: How to make the work more interesting, right?


Q: Director Anno has done planning, scripting, video, and supervision so far, right? What do you like the most?

A: I don't really like any of them. It's all because I'm thinking about how to make the work better, and I'm just related to these jobs within the scope of what I can do.


Q: What is the most important thing when writing a movie story?

A: If you want to make it as easy to understand as possible for the audience, you have to stay true to the Basic Law.


Q: Which scene did you stick to in the production?

A: If you're going to ask this, I can only tell you that all the scenes are.


Q: Does Ikari Gendo like to eat candy?

A:  probably don't like it.


Q: Mary has never spoken to anyone other than Shinji and Asuka, Was it intentional?

A: Several plots and scripts were written, but it was difficult to integrate them into the plot, and they were all cut out in the final film.



Q: Why are there songs from old movies such as War of the Stars in Director Anno's works?

A: Considering the world of the work and the scene at the time, those songs are the most in tune with the available music.


Q: It is often speculated that the battle between the EVA Mark.07 army and Wille is a metaphor for the confrontation with companies and people who only want to make money and get close. Is there really such a consideration?

A: It’s just because of the needs of the work itself and the pure interest in the picture. I didn’t take this metaphor into consideration when I made it. At the same time, as the person who runs the company, I also know very well that this is how the world is, and it shouldn’t be. This characterization is made unconsciously.



Q: Director Anno thinks that when making things, what is the most important thing?

A: Until the work is completed, while considering the schedule and resources of the scene, let’s think about how to make something more interesting.