ghost loves to cut clothes

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    Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, there are very few people who believe in ghosts and gods. However, many years ago, in Meiwan Village, Dushi Town, Jiangjin, bizarre things happened frequently. The clothes worn by the local villagers, as long as they are taken off, will be covered with inexplicable holes. No one knew why the clothes they took off got cut. Local villagers believe it is the work of an invisible ghost. The saying that ghosts love to cut clothes started at this time.

    The fact that ghost loves to cut off his clothes probably dates back to 40 or 50 years ago. The No. 6 Community of Meiwan Village, Dushi Town, Jiangjin City is located halfway up the mountain. For the villagers here, their greatest luxury is to wear a good piece of unbreakable clothes. Their clothes are always covered with small openings that look like someone cut them with a knife.

    As long as their clothes are removed from their bodies, inexplicable holes will appear. Some villagers said that they had tried to hide their clothes, or put them under their pillows and sleep on them, but when they woke up the next day and put on their clothes, they still found small holes in the clothes, as if they had hit an evil spirit. .

Since the villagers had not read much, everyone believed that something unclean was at work. For this reason, they also specially invited people who knew this aspect to exorcise the demons, but to no avail. Because even the robe that the Feng Shui master took off had a hole unknowingly.

This strange phenomenon has always plagued the local villagers. Not only are the clothes prone to holes, but other cotton or chemical fiber products placed in the villagers' homes will have holes unknowingly. Gradually, everyone who could move out here moved out to live, and only a few old people remained in the village.

    Peng Xianyu, 56 years old this year, is a member of the 6th Society of Meiwan Village, Dushi Town, Jiangjin City. In the summer of 1972, the clothes hanging outside her house were suddenly covered with holes as small as soybeans and as big as thumbs, and the openings of the holes were cut like knives.

    "My mother thought that my grandson was disrespectful, and stabbed him with a knife to damage the clothes, and beat him up. Unexpectedly, this kind of situation kept happening, and it was 'infected' to the 3 houses next door. Hiding the clothes in the cupboard and putting them by the bedside... What the heck try all methods

    After that, the hole still appeared for no reason. "She recalled that when she was afraid, everyone found that only the clothes she wore could not have holes.

    It's impossible to wear all the clothes in the house, and you have to take it off when you sleep. So, the villagers simply piled up their clothes and trousers and hid them under their pillows, guessing that if they stick some "popular" clothes and trousers in this way, they might not get holes.

    However, the trousers still had holes as if they were possessed, just less.

    At that time, the villagers who were not highly literate thought that the holes in their clothes and trousers might be caused by evil in their home, so they invited Mr. Yin and Yang, who looked at Feng Shui, to exorcise the demons. After doing the ritual, Mr. Yin Yang suddenly found himself taking off his clothes in the courtyard

It was also riddled with holes, so he had to walk away in a daze, and repeatedly called "hit the ghost".

"The then Secretary of the District Party Committee of Ducheng District heard about this and brought people to investigate for a few days, but couldn't find any answers." Last night, Peng Xianyu sighed when he talked about the hole in his clothes. The nephew next to her thinks that

The energy is caused by "radiation". But where does the radiation source come from? None of the villagers present could tell. In this way, the villagers began to reluctantly accept the reality of inexplicable holes in their clothes, which has continued to this day.

Pan Yongsheng is 35 years old this year. He is Peng Xianyu's neighbor and one of the witnesses of the holes in his clothes. Seven years ago, after he got married, he moved to Dushi Town Street in Yamashita because he "didn't want to wear ragged clothes anymore".

It is understood that only 6 elderly people, including Peng Xianyu, are left in the 4 villagers' homes halfway up the mountain. Seven or eight children and grandchildren all moved out after they got married. "That battle is no different from escaping." The local village cadre, Pan Yongsheng's father, who is slightly more literate, said: "The middle of the mountain has become a 'clothing Bermuda', Tai Xuan!" "Can you find the root of this phenomenon? Can you? The solution? ... I want to wear more good clothes and trousers in my lifetime." Under the dim light in the room, Peng Xianyu's voice was almost desperate, and his eyes were full of hope.

Except for the inexplicable holes in the clothes and trousers, the curtains, umbrellas and other cotton or chemical fiber products of the four villagers have holes.