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From Pisces Jade Pendant to Xinjiang Replicant

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The amazing secret behind the disappearance of Peng Jiamu, the most shocking secret in the Chinese scientific community, the secret files that ZF has been blocking, the unknown Pisces Yupei operation, a disappearance involving Peng Jiamu, the mysterious secret of Lop Nor, zombie virus, prehistoric civilization, multi-dimensional space, etc. The shocking secret of paranormal events.

In fact, I read an article about this before, which was very convincing, but the unfortunate article was quickly hung up and I haven't seen it again. It is said that foreign servers can search for more, and friends who have the conditions can go and have a look. Of course, the authenticity of this incident cannot be guaranteed here, because there is no way to verify it in person, and I dare not do so. I hope everyone can watch it only for entertainment.

"Pisces jade pendant", a puzzle about the disappearance of Peng Jiamu, president of the Xinjiang branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

This incident has been more than 20 years ago, why is it brought up? Does China have an official agency to investigate mysterious events? The Pisces jade pendant incident is an indispensable topic in the spiritual world, but there are very few relevant materials. Compared with the news that the news is blocked, the Pisces jade pendant itself is an ancient mystery that has not been revealed, so there is no possibility of solution. Far greater than the possibility of the message being blocked.

As early as ten years before the turmoil, between 1957 and 1962, something happened in the northwestern region of our country (it is said that an ancient city site was discovered in Lop Nur at that time, and some young people wanted to go shopping for some antiquities, but later I don’t know what happened there. , the death of those young people who died, mad mad. It is said that those mad people looked like ghosts, but they were not. Those mad people were very active, and they all died of exhaustion. The autopsy found that they had unknown toxins in their bodies, stomach Unknown plant remains, and it is because of eating this plant that the survivors are driven mad. These mad people have worn feet, which means they are unconscious. Even more shocking, they brought back some rubbings and some ancient Fragments of ornaments and a jade sickle), some investigations had already begun, but not enough. Then the Cultural Revolution broke out and the state administration was effectively paralyzed, and the matter was shelved.

After the Cultural Revolution, the military first proposed to continue the investigation (so the composition of the Pengjiamu comprehensive expedition team is actually very delicate, the main members are some people in the army, and there are many experts, including private experts, you can guess Who is it? But the biggest doubt is the cause of the accident for those young people who went shopping for antiquities before the Cultural Revolution, and found unknown plants in their stomachs. The military concluded that the accident was an unknown biochemical accident, in fact, it was to train special forces), so In the end, Peng Jiamu was selected as the leader of the team. The main task of the trip to Lop Nur was to investigate the ruins of the ancient city, the source of the accident, and collect plant specimens. At this time, it was only a single investigation project, and the state had no plan to set up a special agency. However, unexpectedly, the results of the investigation were somewhat bizarre. The ruins of the ancient city were found, and the accident happened again. Where did they go? What have you encountered? This was classified as a top secret at the time. When we went there, there were a large group of people, but there were not many people who came back. Among them, one person was seriously injured. Comrade Peng Jiamu's sudden disappearance was only a case. Because the mysterious plant specimens are also missing!

There are reports from herdsmen in Lop Nur that this situation occurs: the weather is abnormal, the surface environment has major changes in a short period of time, and then it will return to its original state. Although Pengjiamu's expedition team had a serious accident, they also made a major discovery - they found a largely intact engineering facility (it's hard to describe this facility), and there are a lot of equipment in the facility, most of which have failed (or so far So far I don't know how to use it), the functions of individual devices have been identified, and the most important discovery is the Pisces Jade Pendant.

Why is it called Pisces Jade? Not because of its appearance, but because when researchers first discovered its supernatural function in the laboratory, when they experimented with a fish, the jade pendant suddenly activated, and an identical fish was copied! When a fish was copied, the scientists were amazed. In order to prove the relationship between the copied fish and the original fish, the scientists marked one side of the fish. The result was that the copied fish also had this mark, but in the opposite position. , which is very similar to the coupling structure of yin embracing yang and yang negative yin in Chinese yin and yang taiji fish. The movements of the two fish at the same moment are completely different, just like two unrelated fish swimming. To prove the relationship between the fish, scientists injected poison into one of the fish, the fish died quickly, but strange things happened, the other fish was still alive! But the fish also died seven hours later, which proves that the relationship between the two fish is still the same fish, but through the function of the jade pendant device, it presents two different states in different time and space states. In terms of the time continuation of the death of the fish, the time difference between this device and another unknown material space is 7 hours. God knows what kind of world is that?

Why did Peng Jiamu disappear? It's not that this person can't be found, but two Peng Jiamu appeared! In this case, Peng Jiamu can only be announced as missing. This is just one possibility of Peng Jiamu's disappearance. There are countless rumors about the reason for his disappearance. The most likely one is that he was buried by wind and sand after fainting.

Between 1956 and 1960, a large number of mirror people (replicants) appeared in Xinjiang, and the troops and civilians were copied. However, later Chairman Mao chose where the atomic bomb shooting range was, and all of them were solved directly.

From the 1950s to the 1960s, there were often abnormalities in Lop Nur, and witnesses often found that it was impossible to use earth science to explain alien life. Some disparities come into conflict. Some of those alien vehicles and modes of action are simply not understandable to human beings on Earth, because the people irradiated by the radiation source in the conflict will become lifeless organisms with inanimate features. Therefore, in that era, several nuclear explosions were accurately carried out in the area where Lop Nur was often infested (it was claimed to be a nuclear bomb test and only one nuclear bomb was detonated).

The issue of China's nuclear explosion has been acquiesced by the attitude of the United States and the Soviet Union, especially the former Soviet Union, because so-called "intruders" did appear not far from the test site. These so-called intruders are actually creatures infected by bacteria deep in the ground. A director in the United States took every opportunity and later made a similar film.

At that time, the Shamin (the remnant of the Kuomintang) who came out at that time was filmed in a Chinese movie. They are extremely productive, women can give birth naturally without blood pressure, and can shoot precisely at night with the help of low light, killing soldiers watching. Even an old sandman's stamina is close to that of a young soldier. This group of people did not follow up after that. Later, in the 1980s, Peng Jiamu led a delegation to Lop Nur, and they did very careful preliminary work. But in the end there was an accident. The reason was not Peng, but the presence of an enemy special in the expedition team, and it involved a high-level game, so in the end, the search for Peng had to be abandoned. However, the purpose of Peng and his party has been exaggerated by foreign media reports at the time (see Voice of Freedom in Asia). Later, several secret operations to find Peng were carried out. Because Peng was alert to the infiltration of the spy, and his distrust of the investigation team led to an independent request for help, looking for water was just a secret signal. The expedition team was seriously short of water at that time, and the team agreed to send water after the expedition team asked for help, but Peng Jiamu insisted on going out to find water by himself, and did not say hello to any team members, just left a note in the car "I "Go east to find a well", and walked into the vast desert alone. After a few hours, the team saw that Peng Jiamu hadn't come back. They were afraid that something would happen to him. The place where the footprints finally disappeared has not been found. Later, the country used the army to conduct several large-scale searches and found nothing. Peng Jiamu disappeared in the desert like this inexplicably, and his whereabouts are still unknown to this day. The data it carried with it was also annihilated, but I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. In fact, many problems at that time have not been clarified yet. It can only be said that the human heart is more complicated than supernatural events, and sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between friends and enemies.

Legend has it that Xinjiang Lop Nur is the intersection of parallel universes. And Peng Jiamu is the "key person" of the mysterious Pisces Yupei incident... Why does the government pay such a high price to find a biologist? What unknown secret did Peng Jiamu discover? Because Peng Jiamu carried all the specimens alone, the secret base discovered by the expedition led by Peng Jiamu at that time might even be an alien base.