Hong Kong New Territories North Tea Restaurant Supernatural event

The only default of the Hong Kong government: the supernatural incident of the tea restaurant in the

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There have been many rumors of supernatural events in Hong Kong, and there are countless rumors that have a high degree of publicity or are widely circulated among the people, such as the supernatural incident in the advertisement of the Hong Kong-Kowloon Railway, the supernatural incident at the University of Hong Kong, the rumor about the ghost of the braided girl, the ghost village house in Shatin, etc. , there are some gossip media that count the top ten haunted places in Hong Kong, etc. Even media such as Oriental Daily and Apple will describe or record it. It can be seen that in Hong Kong's folk culture, the concept of ghosts and the like is still very deep, and the understanding of oriental culture It is inseparable from the correction of multiple factors such as worship, resistance, and fear of strange gods. As a regional culture formed by complex historical reasons, the customs of southern China, and the twisted combination of Cantonese culture and Western culture, Hong Kong ghost culture has formed a unique feature. There is no such thing as feudal superstition, and it advocates ancestors Concepts and methods of handling; they did not submit to all Western sciences, and advocated the interpretation standards and thinking lines of all unknowns. Therefore, the media reports on these matters to a certain extent, but as the Hong Kong government, it has not given any official statement or approval to any supernatural incident. The supernatural incident in the tea restaurant was not concealed by the government because it was the result of the joint results of Eastern judgment standards and Western scientific and technological verification.

The Northern District of the New Territories is divided into four parts, namely Sheung Shui, Fanling, Sha Tau Kok and Ta Kwu Ling. There are many villages in the Taguling area, and this happened in the Tai Po Tin area. The New Territories North is also close to Shenzhen, where the mountains and rivers are beautiful, the farmland is lush, there are mountains and there are many housing estates. Relatively speaking, it is a prosperous place with convenient transportation. The incident happened in December 1989. This tea restaurant is called Chaoyongji. On weekdays, it sells some home-cooked meals such as egg noodles and rice noodles, toast bread and egg tarts. Of course, takeaways are also often delivered. There are also many small villa areas nearby. , sparsely, unlike today's New Territories, where real estate development projects are everywhere, housing estates have disappeared, and villas are everywhere. Today's New Territories North is no longer famous for its idyllic scenery or supernatural events, but for the prevalence of drugs. The rate of ketamine smoking in Hong Kong is the highest in the world, and it is concentrated in the New Territories North District.


That day, on a very ordinary day, the waiter of Chaoyongji received a call into the tea restaurant, and he needed to add egg rice, beef noodles and other food. Ordered a portion for about four people, so after the guy finished packing, he rode into the car and rushed to Xixiu Garden with a takeaway basket. After arriving at the address on the phone, the guy rang the doorbell, and after a long time no one came to open the door. He knocked on the door and shouted "delivery food~". Soon, the door opened a small crack, and the money was sent from the door. I handed it out through the crack and asked the guy to put the takeaway at the door. The guy thought it was weird, but he did so, so he went back to Chaoyongji Restaurant. After closing the door at night, when the boss settled the accounts, when he was taking stock of the money he had earned for the day, he suddenly counted a stack of yin secret papers (mind coins) in the money box. At that time, he thought it was a prank by his buddy or apprentice, so he called his subordinates to ask. No one knew what was going on, and according to the buddies who later told the police, even if they stole the money, they would not put the coins in the money box, and no one would do such wicked things. So it was over then.


The next day, after the tea restaurant closed, the boss counted the money and found a stack of coins in the cash box. He called his subordinates and waiters. It turned out that during the day someone received a meal delivery call and ordered some noodles and rice. It was the same one. The unit, like the previous day, asked the guys to put the takeaway at the door and put the money out under the door. The boss was very angry and felt that something was wrong. He asked the guys to wait for him if he still received a call from the unit to order takeout. Come and deliver it yourself.


As expected, on the third day, the restaurant received another take-out call, asking for beef noodle, barbecued pork rice, etc., so this time the boss personally delivered it, also at the door, after knocking on the door, someone put the money out, the boss thought Take the opportunity to see what it looks like inside or who is stuffing the money, but you can't see it at all, but you can just think about it, as long as you can see the money clearly, it's OK. The boss personally counts the money to verify the authenticity, it's all real Hong Kong dollars, So I put down the takeaway and brought the money back to the tide. After returning to Chaoyongji Tea Restaurant, the boss deliberately put the money in a separate partition of the cash box. When he counted the money at night, he found that there was no problem with the other money, only the money that was put in alone became ghost coins, and these The money was brought back after delivering food from Xixiu Garden. The boss was suddenly cold and shivering, so he called the police in panic.


After receiving the call from the police, the police quickly dispatched officers to investigate the unit of Xixiu Garden, but no one answered the call to open the door, and ringing the doorbell was broken. On the floor, and it can be immediately judged that the corpse has been parked for many days, and the time of death has been long. The police immediately sealed off the scene and conducted an investigation. When they asked the neighbors next to the unit, they received feedback from many neighbors that they did not know that someone was dead next door, because they have been hearing people playing sparrows in the past few days, although they did not listen. It is easy to hear the voice of the talking but the shuffling, especially when it is quiet at night, the shuffling is very loud.


The police then dissected the corpses for physical evidence and technical analysis, and found that the time of death was more than a week, and the unbelievable incident made the forensic doctor stunned. , Pho, Char Siu, etc., this has never been possible in the history of forensic anatomy. According to modern Western medical and anatomical theories, after food enters the body, the human body dies and the food stops digesting, but the correct intake time of the food can be determined according to the composition of the fermenting bacteria such as mass spectrometry and gastric acid, and "they" are recorded in the tide. This is what the takeaway ordered by the tea restaurant is. If this technical result is not shocking enough, in addition to the fingerprints of the delivery man and the boss, two of the deceased's fingerprints were found on the physical evidence retrieved by the police from the tea restaurant--Ming Coin. other. The results of these scientific explanations do not correspond to the facts, and if there is no weirdness, it is unreasonable.


There were also people in the nearby villages who specially invited the master to come over to see it. The master found that the unit faced the northeast, and the qi rushed to the gate of the ghost. The yin qi was extremely heavy. In the human world, he continued to live, order meals, and play cards. Only when the police rushed into the house and broke the anger, was he able to escape from the predicament. The real cause of their death was that four people died of poisoning while sleeping after playing sparrows because of carbon monoxide produced by burning charcoal. In historical records, the lowest winter temperature in the northern New Territories has dropped to the historical average of 0-2 degrees Celsius in some years. .


Later, the incident was reported by major newspapers. When the media interviewed the police spokesman, the police also gave scientific analysis results, and it was these results that the media themselves also analyzed the case as a supernatural event. The official did not deny it. So after the whole thing was reported, the government acquiesced. This incident became the first and only supernatural incident in Hong Kong that was not concealed by the government.