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"Ninja Rantaro" 30th anniversary of the broadcast of the new animation PV announced Kyoto Animation

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"Ninja Rantaro" 30th anniversary of the broadcast of the new animation PV announced Kyoto Animation announced the permanent closure of physical stores and converted into studios

I finished watching "Tokyo Avengers" recently, because I was doing a video about the coffee shop. To be honest, I always have a feeling that I can’t stand watching animations, that is, I feel very disconnected from my life. I didn’t have this feeling when I watched the “Young and Dangerous” series or the “Hot-Blood High School” series in the past. I thought about the reasons carefully. First, when I was older, I was not very interested in this kind of film where the boys’ hormones overflowed. Second, I was able to think about some problems. And the logic is not very rigorous, and when you think about it, you will feel false. The third is the environment of the motherland. Although I was also a little gangster when I was a child, I have never seen a gang of gangsters like the "Tokyo Swastika Club" in this work in Shanghai. Under our superior social environment , these little gangsters have long been run by the iron fist of socialism, so I can't understand it. Of course, there is another potential reason, that is, there was a middle school young man who wore the special attack uniform of the Tokyo Swastika Club in the work in Nanjing a while ago, and was finally asked by the public to take it off. Of course, this is not the fault of the work, but it always makes I feel weird. Finally, I would like to say that when I was in elementary school and junior high school, I also fought, but most of them were scuffles. There is no such thing as a punch to the flesh in this work, such as a direct headshot with a baseball bat. By the way, I am also surprised that Tencent Animation is willing to introduce it. In the end, I think the time-travel setting of this work is pretty good. Every time you adapt the past, it will affect the current timeline. Every time you go back to the present, you will face a different situation, and then go back to the past to adjust according to different situations.

"The King's World 2" Movie Trailer

On July 15th, the upcoming live-action movie "The King of Kings 2: Towards the Far Land" released a trailer, adding the theme song "生きろ" sung by Mr.Children. in the trailer.

"Ninja Rantaro" 30th anniversary of the broadcast of the new animation PV announced

Previously announced to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the broadcast of the "Ninja Rantaro" animation, the new animation announced the PV today, and announced that the 11 boy group Johnny's Jr will sing the OP "100% Courage" and the ED "この青空はforgetting れない".image

Football Anime "Cyan Reeds" PV 1st Release Announced

Aoi Ashito is a third-year student living in Ehime Prefecture. Although he is still relatively rough, Rei has a strong football talent, but he suffered a huge setback because of his self-imposed personality. At this time, the youth team coach of Tokyo's J-League strong team "Tokyo City Esperion" Futianda also appeared in front of Reed. Fukuda saw that Reed had infinite possibilities, so he invited him to participate in the team selection held in Tokyo? !

[Production team]

Original: Yugo Kobayashi "Aoashi" (serialized in Shogakukan "Weekly Big Comic Spirits")

Director: Yo Sato

Series composition: Masahiro Yokotani

Soccer supervision: Kenichi Takeshita, Jun Soga, Kenji Iizuka

Character design: Manabu Nakatake, Toshie Kawamura, Asuka Yamaguchi, Saki Hasegawa

Sub-character design: Naho Kiyoike, Yukiko Watanabe, Miho Taidoji, Eisuke Shirai

Animation director: Manabu Nakatake, Asuka Yamaguchi

Prop design: Arisa Ito, Miori Tsusaka

Color design: Emiko Ueno

Art directors: Tsukasa Kaki, Yusuke Takeda

Art setting: Shigeru Kinpei, Iizo

2D Works: Akiko Hamanaka

Pre-visualization: Masanori Maejima

3D: Morimoto Sigma

Cinematographer: Maiko Imaseki

Edited by: Yoshinori Murakami

Sound Director: Shoji Hata

Music: Masaru Yokoyama

Animation production: Production I.G

[Voice distribution]

Aoi Ryoto: Otsuka Koki

Otomo Tatsumaru: Tatsumaru Tachibana

Koichiro Tachibana: Seiichiro Yamashita

Togashi Ryoji: Taku Yashiro

Kanpei Kuroda: Shun Horie

Atsushi Asari Martis: Atsushi Kato

Junya Enoki: Junya Enoki

Ryuichi Takeshima: Kentaro Kumagai

Nagisa Akutsu: Shunsuke Takeuchi

Haruhisa Kuribayashi: Yuichiro Umehara

Taira Nakamura: Kensho Ono

Yoichi Kiriki: Koki Uchiyama

Eitaro Takasugi: Shin Furukawa

Yoshitsune Kenta: Kazuyuki Okitsu

Ichijo Hana: Maki Kawase

Anri Kaido: Reina Ueda

Tatsuo Fukuda: Chikahiro Kobayashi

Nozomi Date: Hiroki Yasumoto

Mie Sonozaki: Mie Sonozaki

Shun Aoi: Yoshiki Nakajima

The 36th Japan Golden Disc Awards "The Dragon and the Freckled Princess" won the best movie soundtrack Aimer YOASOBI won the special award


The "Japan Golden Disc Awards" sponsored by the Japan Recording Association announced the winners of the 36th session. Here I will talk about some awards related to animation. "The Dragon and the Freckled Princess", which won the best music in the Japan Film Academy Award before, also won the best soundtrack in the gold disc. "Demon Slayer" Tanjiro Kamado won the best animated album of the year.



YOASOBI's "Monster" Downloaded Album of the Year Award, Streaming Award and Top Five Streaming Singles (OP of Season 2 of "BEASTARS"), Hikaru Utada's One Last Kiss won the top five download singles of the year.



YOASOBI and Aimer won the special award, and Amier sang the OP "Reverberation Sange" of "Ghost Slayer: You Guo Chapter".

Kyoto Animation Announces Permanent Closure of KyoAni & DO Physical Store Converted to Studio


Today, Kyoto Animation announced on its official website that it will permanently close its physical store Kyoani & DO Shop in Uji, Kyoto from now on. Although the physical store is closed, the online peripheral stores continue to operate.

In a statement, Kyoto Animation said that it was a difficult decision for us to close this space, and many fans and friends have given us sincere, warm thoughts and sympathy. We now have more employees on board who share the same vision. Therefore, we decided to transform the store space into a workplace to provide more work and meet the fan's request. We greatly appreciate your understanding.

After all, a studio has been burned down, and the work area is stretched. To be honest, the physical store may have been losing money before, and it has been changed to a studio. After the business is good, it can be opened again.

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