Monk Animation 5th Anniversary Offline Appreciation Meeting In April 2022, Monk Animation announced

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3秒后,野兽。 在联谊的角落里的他是肉食 僧侣番

In a blink of an eye, the monk-type animation is about to celebrate its 5th anniversary. This time the official will even hold an AnimeFesta offline thank-you meeting, which will be held on April 3 at Shinagawa インターシティホール. To be honest, I am quite interested, how much H can this activity be. By the way, the animation of the monk type in April 2022 was also announced, that is, it was adapted from the manga "3 Seconds Later, Wild Beast." ~After 3 seconds, the beast. ~He is a meat eater in the corner of the association".

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AnimeFesta Fes! ~Celebration 5th Anniversary All-Star Appreciation Cup Poster

"Three Seconds Later, The Beast" tells the story of Tsumugi, a female college student, who joins a society in order to meet a herbivorous man. Why, because meat-eating men have psychological shadows. From the very beginning, I noticed Tsumugi that the man in the corner of the room wanted. His melancholy expression of turning a blind eye to women attracted me deeply. "This is the herbivorous man I've been looking for." Kaname's gentle attitude made her so convinced. I always feel a bit like my brother's peace of mind, and I can't help but relax my vigilance. "...It's too sweet, I'll be very worried in the future." Suddenly, he wanted to take the lips of the undefended little Tsumugi. He has a different masculine appearance from 3 seconds ago.

[Production team]

Director: Ryozo Nakamura

Screenplay: Date Tsuyama

Person setting: Kuribayashi Azuchi style fifteen

Animation director: Keiko Ogita

Color design: Yukiko Totsuka

Art Director: Kenichi Tateto

Cinematographer: Yasutaka Yanagi

Photo: YY.product

Edit: Satoshi Ishii

Sound Director: Hiroki Nishiyama

Sound production: Studio Mausu

Animation production: Staple Entertainment

Production: Comet Company

[Voice distribution] (On-air version / Premium version)

Kaname Tojo (CV: Yano Shougo / CV: Kaiou Hiroyuki)

Kume Tsumugi (CV: Sugiyama Riho / CV: Shokora)

Yuuya Azusawa (CV: Hirose Yuuya / CV: Iguchi Yuuichi)

3秒后,野兽。 在联谊的角落里的他是肉食 僧侣番

Kume Tsumugi

3秒后,野兽。 在联谊的角落里的他是肉食 僧侣番


3秒后,野兽。 在联谊的角落里的他是肉食 僧侣番 width=