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Strange things happening around you

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    I didn't believe in ghosts before, maybe I haven't seen ghosts before, but I still had a lot of weird things happen to me since I was a kid. At the moment, I'm still skeptical about talking directly about ghosts, but at least I believe it's better than not. This is good.

    I think everyone has their own destiny at birth, corresponding to the corresponding five elements, and a saying that belongs to yang and yin. Yes, and my grandma should be yin. When I was a child, I was timid, but I really wanted to hear my grandma talk about those old things. After listening to it, I couldn't sleep in the middle of the night.

    My grandmother's hometown is a place called "Huangshapo", a single place (there are not many people around), their house is built in the middle of a hillside, and there is a bamboo forest in front of the house (the bamboo forest just surrounds the house to the mountain There is a small weir pond in front of the bamboo forest. My grandmother told me where they have a lot of unclean things, because there are fewer people, and there will be an inexplicable gloomy feeling at noon or at night.

    The weir in front of their house used to be a fish farm in the village, but because of famine, bandits and various reasons, many people died in it. Later, the village still planned to use this pond, and several people came to the weir. I used to guard the fish in the small house next door, and I heard from my grandma that each of them was more miserable than the other.

    It was originally a single place with no people, but it was sometimes very quiet at night, and sometimes strange sounds were heard. The first person who came to guard the pond at night may have gone out to have a look because he heard the sound outside, but I don't know what he saw, but when he found him the next day, he fainted in the bamboo forest, and he was already crazy when he woke up.

    Later, I heard from my grandma that people died in the bamboo forest here. It seemed that it was still during the liberation period. I don’t know how they died.

    There should be three or four people coming in front and back, either insane or scared to death, but there was still someone who stayed there for a week or so, and one night later, he didn't know what he saw.

    The next day, someone told the village chief (the person in charge) that he did not want to continue the vigil. When asked what he saw, he didn't want to say anything at all. If he said he would die, the village chief had no choice but to give up and stop. A few days later, another old man in his fifties came to see him, and within a few days he was frightened to death.

    As we all know, the problems here are not trivial. Later, it seems that a Taoist priest was invited to see it. At that time, the Taoist priest shook his head and said that he could not solve it. This is cumbersome. The ponds are still there, and every time I pass by my aunt's house, I panic.

    Everyone may think it's a little ridiculous, and even I think it's absurd, but there is something different there. I remember my grandma told me before that one time at ten at noon they were eating when they heard someone calling me outside My grandma, just told her to go out.

    My grandma kept saying that someone called her outside, just wanted to go out to have a look, but my father and aunt did not hear the sound, so they told her not to go out and stopped my grandma. Later, my grandma woke up suddenly and realized that it was possible She was fascinated by ghosts and told me that if she hadn't stopped her, she might have died.

    Lots of weird things happen there, but usually no dead people. When I was a child, I also encountered those very speechless things. In elementary school, I used to be very cheap. People burned paper money and candlesticks at intersections, and there was a bowl that was buckled on the ground. I went to pick it up and smashed it next to it, and threw the candlestick , and at night, I started to feel dizzy and hot, like a high fever (but no fever) confusion, the soul was out of the body.

    My grandmother guessed that it might be something unclean and my dad went to the intersection with paper money candles and half a bowl of water and rice to burn paper money and water for rice, and then I was fine after a while, fell asleep, and woke up the next day.  it's still very impressive

    Friends, if you are from the country, no matter it is a small road or a road intersection, if there is a bowl with a burned paper money back, don't be cheap Descendants worship, if there is a chance, they will entangle people and eat incense. If you don’t provoke them, they will generally not find you. That's all for today, and next time I'll share some of the supernatural things I heard from the old man and the old lady over there.