Patriotic Welfare Ji-Stupid Momo Cute Brown Bear Pajamas

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Patriotic Welfare Ji-Stupid Momo Cute Brown Bear Pajamas

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wWPZT.jpg

The Three Caves of Crafty Rabbit, due to various reasons plus "I have my own national conditions in Qing Dynasty", many large-scale COSERs, the content released on domestic and foreign platforms are also differentiated, this and domestic mobile games in the national server and The portraits on the Japanese clothes are different. Recently, this "stupid Momo" girl also complained on Twitter about the difference in the release scale of different platforms. Unexpectedly, some unscrupulous netizens took the rhythm. As a result, this girl is very patriotic. Hit the past. O(∩_∩)O haha~ But although I appreciate this girl's pictures, and there are many of them, it is difficult to share them on public platforms. Today, I chose a set of very plain pictures for everyone. People realize this.


蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wWbmK.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wWNXj.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wWpEe.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wWa2c.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wWjaN.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wWSns.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wWX77.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wWB96.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wWPZT.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wWR8M.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wWxBt.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wW92F.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wWL1r.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wWUbJ.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wWsE0.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wWDe1.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wWE7d.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wWK9a.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wWdwu.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wWo8D.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wqyBv.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wqJJi.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wqV1L.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wqgbW.jpg


蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wqkKw.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wqZeR.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wqwh8.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wqfLg.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wqIwX.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wqiAG.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wqnFy.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wqlJj.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wqu4c.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wqCbK.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wqcKN.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wq1le.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wq4hs.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wqGL7.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wqrf6.jpg

蠢沫沫 棕熊 6wq5AT.jpg