The mysterious incident of the legendary Beiding Niangniang Temple revealed:The Bird's Nest was forc

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The mysterious incident of the legendary Beiding Niangniang Temple revealed:The Bird's Nest was forc

Beiding Niangniang Temple in Beijing is located in Beiding Village, Datun, Chaoyang District. It is adjacent to the "Water Cube" in the north and the "Bird's Nest" in the east. The Dingniangniang Temple is also being relocated and demolished.

This Niangniang Temple, which only has the gate and the front hall, is not simple in origin. It is one of the five most famous temples of Mount Tai in Beijing (commonly known as the Five Peaks). In 1976, the apse collapsed due to an earthquake, and was later flipped into Beiding Primary School. In any case, it is also a place for the goddess to live here, and many old people are in awe of this temple.


The Bird's Nest and the Water Cube are near the central axis of Beijing, which is an old cemetery in Beijing. Although many coffins and bones were dug up at the beginning of the construction, the construction continued. But what happened when the Beiding Niangniang Temple was demolished later was not so simple...


At 3:00 pm on August 27, 2004, several workers were dispatched to carry out the demolition task without the mother's nod of course. As a result, just after the temple gate was demolished, it was suddenly dark and dark, and a gust of wind began to blow wildly!


Let's see how the lady is angry. The report said that a rotating black wind column swept the entire "Water Cube" (National Aquatics Center) construction site in mid-air. The wind column was seven or eight meters high and three or four meters thick. The whirlwind rolled yellow sand to fence the construction site. The iron sheet was rolled up to a height of more than ten meters. Almost all of the temporary buildings that had just been built to withstand level 7 winds were destroyed, the entire construction site was razed to the ground, and the site was paralyzed. 44 workers were injured and 2 died.


The video shot at the scene at that time reproduces the thrilling process of the strong wind sweeping. The iron sheet was rolled up into the sky by the wind column like a piece of paper, and rotated over the Water Cube. The stainless steel flagpole tens of meters high was broken, an office building was also tilted by the wind, and the iron frame fell down on more than 10 cars downstairs; a worker's dormitory was rolled up and fell to the ground again. , razed to the ground, and the entire roof of another office building was scraped off. It is said that the cyclone stagnated and rotated in the shed of the construction site for about 20 minutes.


According to meteorological experts, the sudden cylindrical strange wind, which has never been seen in a century, is a "dust tornado", but there is no record of a "dust tornado" in Beijing's meteorological data. That is to say, no one knows how the wind came from, it is just a matter of artificially installing a name.


However, when Niangniang was angry, the government was indeed suppressed. Faced with the Beiding Niangniang Temple, which was intact and unscathed in the area hit by the "dust tornado", everyone began to murmur, and many workers were afraid of being really offended. Immortal, and quickly left the "Water Cube" to quit.


The next day, a more bizarre news came from the Water Cube. At the construction site of the Water Cube, a huge hole was excavated. A few workers curiously probed into it and found that it was full of snakes! The construction stopped immediately. On the day of the shutdown, there was an unexplained power outage at the Bird's Nest and the Water Cube at night. When everyone looked into the distance during the power outage, they found that the Beiding Niangniang Temple was brightly lit, just like there were thousands of electric lights, but in the There are no lights there at all.


The heads of the authorities are also panicked. If the mother's house is forcibly demolished, the "Bird's Nest" and the "Water Cube" will be built in the future, and the mother will be angry. This will be a big problem. So it was decided to "retain this Ming Dynasty Empress Temple with cultural relic value, and allocate funds to restore it". That is to say, for the first time in the history of demolition and relocation, the authorities apologized, and it really hit the gods.


The government finally decided to move the construction site of the "Water Cube" to the north by 100 meters. Although a lot of financial and material resources were spent, the subsequent construction was very smooth, and this ancient building with a history of hundreds of years was also protected.