The Fox Fairy Murder Case that shocked the whole of Hong Kong in 1981

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In the ancient myths about gods and ghosts, foxes do give a very bad impression, and most of them are associated with ghosts, monsters, etc. In the 1980s, there was a "Fox Immortal Murder Incident" that shocked the whole of Hong Kong.

There is a building in Hong Kong's Causeway Bay called "The Duke of Windsor Building" (later renamed "Royal Castle" or "Royal House"). There once appeared a marble with several fox heads in the building, which caused crowds to watch, and the company also because of Seeing that there were too many citizens who came to watch Guxian, they were forced to close the business for a day. (The picture below is the marble where the "Fox Shadow" appeared on the scene)

However, at that time, supernatural incidents frequently occurred in the mall at night. When a clerk went to work in the morning, he saw the goods scattered all over the children's clothing department of the department store, thinking it was haunted. Later, the Master judged that a naughty little fox had sneaked into the children's clothing department of the department store in the building at night, wearing children's clothing and children's shoes and playing everywhere.


Later, in a restaurant in the building, there were often terrifying incidents of sudden and bizarre deaths of babies after the "full moon wine" was held. The bizarre death of the newborn baby was due to sudden death, so the autopsy was required to identify the cause of death. Although the cause of death column on the death certificate stated that the death was due to excessive blood loss, it is rumored that the entire body was completely missing during the autopsy. Even the coroner could not explain the dripping blood, so people believed that the baby was sucked up by the fox demon and died.


One of the news that was publicly reported that year was this.


One night in 1981, two couples booked the restaurant to host their son's "Full Moon Wine". All relatives and friends were very happy. But that night, the son's mother had a nightmare.


The wife dreamed that she was on the bed, but her body couldn't move. Suddenly, she saw a very big fox with red eyes and fangs walking around the bed, looking at herself, she panicked. She shouted, "Who are you? What are you going to do?" She saw the fox running quickly to her child, biting the wife's child with its mouth, killing the child at once, and the fox's mouth was full of blood!


In the dream, the wife screamed: "Don't eat my son! Don't eat my son!" Then she woke up from the dream, and also frightened her husband. She told him the content of the nightmare, and the husband reassured her that it was just a dream, Don't worry. But when they went to the crib to look at their son, the couple was horrified at first sight because the baby had turned blue and had stopped breathing. When the couple saw this, they immediately sent the baby to the hospital, where it was confirmed that the baby died suddenly!


It is said that this nest of fox fairy is because the interior of the building cannot absorb the essence of the sun and the moon, so they instead absorb the essence of the sun and the moon instead of absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon to continue to practice. The new-born baby who served the full moon wine in the restaurant became the target of the fox demon training. Later, the Windsor Mansion recruited the most famous mage in Hong Kong to perform a ritual at the Windsor Mansion site, but the mage said that this nest of fox demons could only be used. Filled but could not be subdued, so the mage wrote some spells and stuck them on the fox's head outside the marble wall, so the Windsor Building later covered the wall with wallpaper to cover it.


Later, a karaoke employee who claimed to be Windsor Mansion called and broke the news on the radio station's paranormal program, saying that one day he went to the top floor of the building for fun, but unfortunately was trapped on the roof of the top floor by the security guard, and he discovered the building. There is a hidden children's playground on the top floor. Afterwards, he asked the security director, who explained that the playground on the top floor of the rooftop was not for "people", but for the dead children (the ones who died in the Fox Fairy incident). Because the location of the Windsor Building is the tallest building in the vicinity, the secret of the playground on the roof of the building has not been reported and exposed until the listener called the radio to share with the public.